27 Jan-7 Feb 2020 CINES Montpellier (France)


The AstroSim2019 school will take be hosted by the Centre Informatique National de L'enseignement Supérieur (CINES), in Montpellier, and take place from January 27 to February 7, 2020.

The goal of the school is to introduce numerical methods most commonly used to perform simulations of astrophysical objects, and to train young researchers to use a representative sample of public codes from our community. To this aim, the school witll offer both detailed lectures and extended practical sessions where the students will learn hands-on how to use well-established codes which illustrate the diversity of methods used in astrophysics.

The organisation of the school will be as follows: 

Every morning, two theoretical lectures will be given during which practical (parallelism, national facilities) and fundamental aspects (numerical analysis and schemes). A practical descriptions of the codes will be given and tests and exercices will be proposed for the afternoon sessions.

Afternoons will be dedicated to practical sessions. For that purpose the speakers will propose various exercices that can be performed in few hours (from elementary calculations to small projects). This will allow all participants to choose the best exercices adapted to his/her  levels and and own interests. The speakers will be present during the session to answer to the participants questions and provide the necessary help.

Every evening, a scientific talk illustrating the usage of high performance computing in astrophysics will be given.



A. Mignone: Eulerian methods with adaptive meshes, illustrated with the code PLUTO.

G. Laibe: Lagrangian methods / SPH (smooth particle hydrodynamics) with the code PHANTOM.

B. Cerutti: Particle In Cell (PIC) methods, with the code ZELTRON.

T. Gastine: Spectral methods, with the code MAGIC.

O. Hahn: Cosmology, gravitation and non-collisional fluids.

J. Rosdahl: Radiation hydrodynamics, with the code RAMSES-RT.

N. Audiffren and B. Cirou (CINES): Parallelisation methods (CINES)




scientific organising committee

D. Aubert (ObAS, Strasbourg)

J. Blaizot (CRAL, Lyon), chair

B. Commerçon (CRAL, Lyon)

B. Dintrans (CINES, Montpelier), chair

L. Jouve (IRAP, Toulouse)

G. Lesur (IPAG, Grenoble)

B. Sémelin (LERMA, Paris)

P. Tremblin (MdS, Saclay)

Local Organising Committee

J. Blaizot

B. Dintrans

S. Bouakline


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